Last year we purchased over one million dollars of stumpage. Stumpage is a term that is used in paying landowners for their standing trees. The value of your standing timber is relative to the species make up, quality of the species, and the amount of the standing timber. To find out a range of stumpage values in your area, click to visit the NEW HAMPSHIRE TIMBERLAND OWNERS ASSOCIATIONS. You might even want to think about becoming a new member of the NHTOA.


Our  yard in Allenstown, NH serves as a terminal for generating full loads of sawlogs. We are conveniently located near major trucking routes in the state.


Once landowners' goals and objectives have been established, our forester marks, measures, and tallies the timber to be cut according to those goals. Once this has been done, a timber sale agreement is completed as well as all the assorted forms and applications for local and State permits.