Welcome to Fort Mountain Companies

We are a full service forestry organization providing:


1. Professional consultation with a New Hampshire Licensed Forester. There is no charge for one consultation.
2. Forestry Based Construction Projects.
3. Commercial Land Clearing.
4. Purchase of Standing Forest Products.
5. Working In central and southern New Hampshire.

“Find a job you love, never go to work.”

Jeff Eames, Founder
Jeff began his logging and forestry career in the mid seventies clearing land for a local Christmas tree grower. He then went to work for several small logging contractors as a hand cutter. It was at that time that he developed his sense of the best utilization of forest products.
Jeff attended the University of New Hampshire Thompson School of Forestry. After completing his Thompson School studies in 1981, Jeff purchased his first cable skidder and became a logging contractor. Over thirty years later, Jeff and the Fort Mountain Companies crews are supplying domestic and foreign markets with high quality forest products including fuel chips to local power plants and industry. Another successful component is the landowner assistance program that manages over 30,000 acres for timber, wildlife, recreation and water protection. What started as a one man operation has grown into one of the most innovative forestry companies in New England that employs 18 full time people.
Throughout his career Jeff has received numerous industry awards for harvesting, education and safety. He served 4 years on the Board of Directors for the New Hampshire Timber Owners Association and 4 years on the Board of Directors for the NH Timber Harvesting Council. Fort Mountain Companies has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles and television programs.
Jeff's true love for the forest has been a part of his business success. His hobbies include hunting adventures, striped bass fishing, managing and growing wildlife feed plots as well as managing his own woodlands as a working tree farm. Jeff was also President of the New Hampshire Chapter Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), a nonprofit group promoting healthy deer habitat and education including scholarships and donations to NH individuals. He resides in Epsom, NH with his wife, Rachel.
Fort Mountain Companies has 2 NH licensed Foresters & American Tree Farm Inspectors on staff dedicated to providing you with professional advice relating to the management of your forest resources. Our foresters, Patrick Kenney & Billy Kunelius, will help you make the decisions regarding timber production, wildlife management, recreation management and future or present financial needs.