• Fort Mountain Companies is always looking for new markets for the wood harvested

  • We maximize each log to ensure the landowners are getting the best price on all log sizes. We have mills that will take these specialty logs. For example, we have Canadian mills that will take special logs like those as small as 8" diameter or 5' long

  • On occasion, our logs will find themselves in a container headed to foreign countries

  • Some of the products we produce for the specialty mills are: slicer veneer, rotary veneer, high quality sawlogs, low quality sawlogs,  flooring logs, mat logs, pallet logs, firewood, pulp wood, bole chips, blended bole chips and hog fuel for electricity production

  • A concentration yard in Allenstown allows us to offer piledown services to some mills and allows us to better manage logs that need to be moved off landings quickly


Logs being loaded in a container bound for a foreign country.