1.) How many acres are required for a harvesting operation?

Fort Mountain Companies does not have a minimum requirement. Each lot possesses different characteristics such as tree species and volume densities. Generally we do not operate in back yards for just a few of trees.

2.) How will I know that I will be paid for all of the timber removed from my property?

Fort Mountain Companies has been in business for over thirty years and prides itself on customer satisfaction and the development of a relationship based on trust. Each load of wood that leaves the landing is accompanied by a sales trip ticket that ensures accurate accounting for every landowner.

3.) Is there a lot of paperwork required to get a harvesting operation going on my property? If so, are there any fees associated with getting permits?

A Timber Sale Agreement is that first and most important document required for all harvesting operations large or small. The state required Intent to Cut Wood form, which serves as a notification to the state that harvesting is to take place, is filled out prior to every harvesting operation. If any wetlands are to be crossed during harvesting a Notification of Forest management or Timber Harvest Activities Having Minimum Wetlands Impact form must be filled out and filed with the Department of Environmental Services, Wetland Bureau in Concord, N.H. A W-9 firm is required which supplies Fort Mountain Companies with all the proper income tax reporting information necessary with the sale of forest products. All of this paper work is prepared by the Fort Mountain Companies and only requires a signature from the landowner. Any fees associated with the wetlands permit are paid by Fort Mountain Companies.

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