Fire & Water Extinguisher Safety - Learning to use the Fire & Water Extinguisher properly is important. There are some things that must be used only with an ABC Fire Extinguisher (like grease & fuel) and some things that work well with the Water Extinguisher (paper, woody debris). Also, it's important to always leave a little extra in the extinguisher in case the fire reignites and you need more.
Education is another key to the organization's success. It is our goal to maintain a professional standard by introducing as many training programs as possible. We have hired Dana Hinkley from Logger Rescue, LLC of Berlin, NH. Dana's program incorporates OSHA's expectation of the forest industry's mandatory training. Another well known presenter is Wayne Peasley who instructs us on all the Federal Carrier Rules & Regulations pertaining to trucking.
Continuing education by certified instructors keep all of our staff current with NH Certified Logger Program. We are also certified every two years on CRP and First Aid.
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Our loss control program incorporates some of the Game of Logging techniques. The Game of Logging is a Scandinavian safety protocol developed by Soren Erickson to incorporate safety and production in the logging industry. On the left is an "in the woods" training session.
Training is nothing new to the organization. Pictured here in 1993 is Jay Wheeler, loss control agent, Jeff Eames, David Mischke, Soren Erickson and Robert Bolduc. This picture was taken after a Game of Logging training exercise.