Land Clearing

This is a land clearing job that we did in Epsom, NH. We have been back a second time to expand their fields. Our clients were clearing their land to make a cattle farm. The farm we have been working on is the Matteson property in Epsom, NH. This is a land conversion project converting forest into pasture for a beef farming business. As people are getting more concerned with the quality of our food; wanting to know how it is raised and processed, more of these small farms are starting in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has over 4,000 farms – most of them are small and many are family owned and operated. Not many years ago it was said that the small farm is dying yet the truth is, they are growing. The Farm to Plate program has been helped by NH legislation which has helped by loosening regulations for these small farm operations. Locally grown, fresh and healthy options are becoming more readily available for New Hampshire residents. The Matteson family is converting part of their land into a beef farm. They will be producing locally, raised beef in a healthy environment. Be watching in the years ahead when we see their beef available for purchase.  Fort Mountain Companies is proud to be a part of this land conversion project